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Player Information
Name: buckbeakbabie/beaky
Age: 27
Contact Info (Email, AIM, etc): AIM: buckbeakbaby

Character Information
Name: Lt The Hon. George Colthurst St. Barleigh
Journal Name: trinitytiddler
Link to Icon for Taken List:
Age: 23
Race: Human.
Special Abilities: Absolutely none.
Sexuality: English.
Fandom: Blackadder Goes Forth
Point in Canon: During General Hospital, after he's discharged
Brief History (or wiki link):
George is the son of the 7th Baron Colthurst, and grew up at his family's country estate in Sussex. He spent his childhood being looked after by Nanny, playing with his sister, riding horses, learning how to shoot pheasants and having an all around spiffing time. He was happy, mainly because he's too stupid to work out if he is unhappy. He went to Eton and then on to Cambridge, where he was a member of the boating team. He joined the army the day war was declared, and three months later was at the front, where he has remained ever since (apart from occasional periods of leave to take part in the annual Oxford vs. Cambridge boat race).
Brief Personality: George is very enthusiastic and quite simple minded. Very simple minded, actually. He's a complete idiot, but a loveable one. He talks complete nonsense most of the time, and is entirely focused on when he will get the chance to go 'over the top' and behave like a brave, honourable soldier should. He hasn't connected that this will mean his almost certain death, but even if he had he would still probably want to do it.
Writing Sample (link is acceptable): Pfft.

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